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Hello and happy 2022!

I hope you were all able to chill and enjoy yourselves this holiday season!

At the start of every year, I like to re-organise my craft room and set crafty goals (just small ones) to get me started. A clean and organised crat-space is a must for me, and I thought I might share some of my fave storage/organising solutions with you all.

I love clean, bright storage, leading me to my current favourite one from There are so many versions in the Craft Room Basic line, and if you need to store smaller items, this bundle is a great start.

The drawers hold many smaller items, such as die-cuts, smaller embellishments, tiny paper scraps and those small ink cubes. The small paper storage organiser is the perfect size house 6x6 paper pads, and the Stadium organiser holds so much stuff, and because of its design, it is easy to see the supplies you need.

I adore the clear envelopes from - they come in so many different sizes, are really sturdy, and can hold a bunch.

Lets' talk in -storgae. I am a fan of all things Tim Holtz, and his inks are a must-have, in my opinion. I have tried different methods for organising Distress/Oxide inks, and I really like these tins from Ranger. They hold a bunch and can be stacked.

Stencil storage. I love collecting (and using) stencils, and by storing them in the 6x8 envelopes from, I can flick through the page protectors and find the perfect stencil quickly.

The pegboards from IKEA are the perfect way to organise all kinds of crafty items, and the best thing about them is that you can rearrange them as often as you wish. Which is ever so great for anyone that likes to re-organise every other week. Yes, I am talking about myself; I can't help myself.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Please click on the picture to be taken to where the items are available. Some items may not be listed below because they are discontinued (older product), or I cannot find a current link. Compensated affiliate links are used when possible and are at no cost to you. 

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