Creative Blog Hop!

I was picked as one of the 2 crafters over at Lenny'sblog!!

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Lenny is such a sweet person, outgoing, warm, creative and simply amazing. I was truly honored to be picked cause she is utterly fab and she is a fellow teacher - that makes her kinda cool in my book!

So lets talk about me! ;-)

1) What am I working on now?

At the moment I am creating lots of cards using my fave stamps from Some Odd Girl and Sweet Stamps Shop. I love creating mini-albums of all shapes and sizes - and of course I scrapbook at least 2 layouts a week. I am also into pocket style scrapbooking but I admit that I am way behind on those!

2) How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Hhhmmmm … I don’t know I guess my style is a bit soft but with a splash of color. I love my distress ink pads and I try to use them on almost every creations. I recently discovered mixed media and I love using those techniques on my layouts. Basically my creations are on the cleaner side, soft colors and I prefer to keep my creations simple but decorated! :D

3) Why do I create what I do?

Because I just love it and by making time for me and my crafty needs I stay on the right side of sane-ville! ;)

Besides this is so much fun I don’t know what I would be doing without my scrapbooking/card-making/ altering time!

4) How does my creative process works?

Ok that depends on my mood to be honest. When it comes to card-making I start off with a stamp or an idea and take it from there. When I am scrapbooking it all starts with the photo (or photos) and I just go with the flow. But when It comes to mini-albums and altering projects I usually have a basic idea and I just build from there. Mainly it is about having fun!!!

So that means I got to pick 3 amazingly creative crafters that I admire and I picked these three gals!

This girl is freakin' talented! I love her layering skills , her cards are filled with amazing little details and her coloring skills  - holy fabness! 

I look forward to read your blog-post Stéphanie and learn a lil bit more about your creative adventures!

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I have two more amazing girls on my list and I know they have done this blog-hop before so they will not be re-posting but I still wanted to tell you how much I love these girls and their creations! 

My long time Nook-friend Patricia Roebuck 

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This girl is as amazingly talented, generous, caring and all around freakin' awesome! I am so glad to have you in my virtual-life! ;) 

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I just found her amazing blog (and stunning creations) this year and I am in awe of her talent. 

Well that is all from be on this Creative Blog Hop and I encourage you all to check out these blogs - you will not be disappointed!


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