Fabulous CSI News!!!!

I am so thrilled, honored and excited to be able to share my happy news!

I am one of the new DT members over at CSI - Color Stories Investigation. Here is the super talented team!

CSI DT MAY - October 2014
Anna Sigga - Iceland <--- that's me! :D
Cathy Cafun - Australia
Felicity Wilson - Australia
Jacqueline Moore - Australia
Janice Nicholls - Australia
Libeeti Frenkel - Israel
Maria Rose - United States
Michelle Whorwood - New Zealand
Terhi Koskinen - Finland

And here are our returning Detectives:
Anna-Karin Evaldsson - South Africa
Annette Gearside - Australia
Annie Claxton - United Kingdom
Debbi Tehrani- United States
Debbie Standard - United States
Em Stafrace - Australia
Heather Jacob - Australia
Helen Wallace - Australia
Kim Ewins - Australia
Kylie gW - Australia
Michele Singh - United States
Milagros C Rivera - Puerto Rico
Sarah Groen - New Zealand
Shawna Saucier - United States
Tracee Provis - England
Val Thorpe - South Africa
Veera Saarivuo - Finland

My term doesn't officially start until May but Debbie just announced the new team and I am so happy to be able to share!!

Have a fabulous Sunday all! :D


    Way to go, Anna!! :)

  2. Can't wait to see your future works - so very nice to know you <3

  3. Congrats Anna!! Can't wait to see what you'll create!


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